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The People Who Fall Up

The People Who Fall Up

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Book Description:
A person’s shift from life-to-death is far from graceful: you fall up, hard.
Landing up on the ceiling of her classroom with a loud thud was the thing that startled first-year teacher Viera even more than getting shot point blank in the forehead, or realizing that she wouldn’t be launching her iCount Foundation that evening. She couldn't wait to finally unveil her hard work in front of her family and friends, but that chance had now been cut short when that shooter came into her school, killing her and eleven others.
Being completely invisible to the living world now, the twelve of them begin to realize just how twisted and difficult the paths truly can be while alive. But evil continues to find a way in, even after death. Viera had dedicated her entire life to making a difference in the lives of children, so she can’t process how someone she thought was good could suddenly show himself as bad now after she has died. But the other ceiling-walkers have started looking up to her, so she must find a way to hold herself together in front of the others. Having a father figure was something Viera had never had while alive, but Randy, trying to right his own wrongs, lets her lean on him. As her bond with him continues to cement, she can’t imagine ever leaving. But he reminds her that they can’t all hang around together on the ceiling of their school forever. At some point, Viera and the others must kiss the earth goodbye and finish crossing over to the other side, before they miss their chance completely…
Book Sizes:
  • Paperback: 6" wide x 9" tall x .59" thick
  • Hardcover: 6" wide x 9" tall x .75" thick
  • Coffee Table Version: 8.25" wide x 11" tall x .78" thick

**Hardcover and Coffee Table Version are both case-wrapped.**


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